Are you a wholesaler?
No, we're a marketplace specialising in wholesale vintage, like eBay but for bulk! We connect vintage stores and resellers with wholesalers from around the world.

How does it work?
You can buy bundles directly from the site. Just add to cart and check out.
Or, schedule a video handpick with a wholesaler to build a custom bundle.

Where are you based?
We have offices in London and San Francisco, but our wholesalers are from all over the world!

What if I'm not happy with my order?
Just DM us! As a marketplace, we offer full buyer protection. If your order arrives damaged or not as described we will mediate with the seller to arrange a replacement, credit, or a refund.

Are all the products authentic?
Yep! We do our best to vet every single seller, some of our sellers even pay extra to have their goods professionally authenticated! But, if there's ever an issue we offer a money back guarantee on inauthentic products.

How does shipping work?
Shipping is free worldwide on all bundles! You will only have to pay shipping on video handpicks.

What if I can't find what I'm looking for on the site?
DM us. Either we'll organise a handpick for you or source for your custom request.

Why should I buy on Fleek?
With Fleek, you have full buyer protection. You can buy through Net30 terms. Plus, you can discover wholesalers from around the world!

Can I talk directly with the wholesalers?
Yes! To message them, try the 'ask a question' feature on the site. Or, DM us to arrange a call with them.

What is Net30 and how do I check if I'm eligible?
We offer Net30 buying terms, essentially buy now pay later. You pay 10% upfront and the rest 30 days after your order arrives. DM us to see if you're eligible.

How long does shipping take?
We give our suppliers 2 weeks to fulfil your order but it may arrive sooner if you order locally.

Will I have to pay customs?
Depending on which supplier you order from, you may have to pay customs. The charges are usually small. However, this is not in our control. If you're unsure, DM us and we will advise on your order.

What's a handpick?
A video call where a supplier shows you their stock tailored to your needs. You say yes to the pieces you like, no the the ones you don't, and build a bundle that way!

How do I decide who to handpick with?
You can either DM us for a recommendation or fulfil the matching quiz on our homepage and we'll email you the results!

How do I schedule a handpick?
Either book on the supplier's page on the site or DM us to schedule one for you.

Is there a minimum spend?
Nope! Just get on a call and see what you think. There's no pressure to buy anything.

How do I become a seller?
DM us or email us, contact@joinfleek.com, we'll get you set up!

How much does it cost to become a seller?
There's absolutely no charge to use or list on the platform. We only take a 15% commission from sales you actually make. But, we're always happy to offer a no fees trial for first time sellers.

Why should I sell on Fleek?
With Fleek, you have access to stores and resellers from around the world. We bring the customers to you! Plus, we take care of shipping, customer service, listings, refunds, and even market your products for you.